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  • Dispatch: 800-446-8283
  • Bismarck: 701-222-4518
  • West Fargo: 701-277-0039
  • West Fargo Brokerage: 888-281-2641
  • New Mexico Brokerage: 575-521-0758

Career Opportunities

Would you like to join the J-Mar Family?

J-Mar's Commitment to Family

  • On an average drivers are out 12-14 days.  However, depending on the circumstances it can be less.
  • We are flexible in scheduling your next outbound trip so drivers have time to attend to family responsibilities.
  • Our passenger ride along policy allows for family members or significant others to accompany the driver on trips.
  • Our satellite and ground based communications system ensures your family can contact you in case they need you at home.
  • Direct deposit means your funds will be available in your account on payday to take care of bills and expenses at home.
  • One week of paid vacation after one year, two weeks after two years, and three weeks after seven years allows drivers to spend quality extended time with their family.
  • Christmas is a special holiday for many families and J-Mar is no exception. We ensure that all drivers who want to be home for Christmas, get home. We have bounced drivers over 500 miles to be home in time for the holiday.

Training Program

We provide paid on the job training for new drivers. We have four trainers that will take you over the road and show you what it takes to be a part of the J-Mar family. Our trainers are dedicated and will provide you with the extra training after school.  They help you get a sense of how things work out on the road. It is our goal to make sure every one of our drivers feel safe and confident behind the wheel. Each new student must have a certificate of completion from an accredited truck driving school.


Here's what  to expect during the training process.

We start out with a few class days at our West Fargo, ND terminal. During these few days you will become comfortable with how we do things; from paper work to company policies. As soon as the classroom time is complete you will meet your trainer and get settled in their truck. While out with your trainer you will be doing paperwork, trip planning, backing, fueling, and dealing with customers. It is our trainer’s job to guide you through those processes. For more information on our training program please feel free to contact Paul Schnasa, Operations Manager or Jamie Kiecker, Recruiter at 800-446-8283.

“I have been with J MAR for four and a half years, as a driver and trainer, I have had a very positive experience.  They mean what they say, when they promise that you will get you 3000 miles a week.  I plan to stay for the long haul because drivers are treated like family, we feel like we matter.  Our bonus program is easily understood and easily attainable.  We have a wall of fame in the hall way, and it was nice to see that we have a solid group of drivers that have been with the company for a long time and that said a lot to me.”

Jason Whitney 

Cambridge, MN