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  • Bismarck: 701-222-4518
  • West Fargo: 701-277-0039
  • West Fargo Brokerage: 888-281-2641
  • Minnesota Brokerage: 507-413-8020

Photo Gallery

See what we've been up to.

A picture is worth a thousand words they say. So, then we must have a lot of things to say. From our drivers to our shop & office staff, to our equipment and facilities-it’s something we’ve built over the years and are proud of.

These are the pictures of professional drivers’ faces that drive up and down the road bringing product to companies, farms and small businesses. These are the faces of mechanics that take pride in their work to keep our drivers on the road. These are the faces of the owner, the management team and support staff that are dedicated to keep our drivers productive and delivering product. These are the pictures of the brokerage staff that help service customers through use of partner carriers.

It takes a lot of people to keep everything rolling. So, take a journey around J-Mar Enterprises, Inc. and get a feel for who we are. We’re the faces of people that bring the products to your neighborhood. It’s our people and our service that sets us apart.

Photo Galleries


J-Mar is a very good company to work with, fair rates and always willing to help when needed.
Steve Schweitzberger
TBI Inc., Sioux Falls, SD