• Dispatch: 800-446-8283
  • Bismarck: 701-222-4518
  • West Fargo: 701-277-0039
  • West Fargo Brokerage: 888-281-2641
  • Minnesota Brokerage: 507-413-8020

Our job is service... period

And we’ve been giving quality service for over 36 years.

Getting to know you is important to us. This makes you, our customers, our drivers, our vendors, our staff and our carriers part of the family. Having a personal relationship with you helps us understand your needs and get the job done.

Since we travel the continental United States, we not only look for employees close to home, but we look for employees close to our hauling lanes, because that allows us to give drivers home time; something we all enjoy. Looking for customers from these lanes also helps us move our drivers around efficiently and back home, once again giving our drivers the much needed home time they deserve. These areas are constantly changing, so contact our recruiters and dispatchers to see if we are in your area now and can service your transportation needs or put you to work driving.

The products we haul vary. Whatever you can think of to put in a dry van, we can haul. However, our main commodities consist of: Egg Cartons; Furniture; Sugar/Food Products/Pasta; Tires, Talc & Animal Supplies. The average load is around 800 miles, but it can vary from 200 to 2800 miles.

History and Ownership of J-Mar Enterprises, Inc.

John and Marlene Helfrich started J-Mar Enterprises, Inc. in March of 1985 with only two trucks.  John drove one truck and hired an employee to drive the other truck. 

john1.jpgmarlene.jpgAs the demand for transportation grew, they added to the fleet and John moved into the office to Dispatch along with taking care of his General Manager responsibilities.  In 1989, John and Marlene's daughter, Janel, joined the staff as Dispatcher and also started her own trucking company, J H Transportation, Inc. 

The hardest obstacle they had to overcome was that for several years there were unable to get financing for the operations.  Learning to manage without operating capital required a great deal of attention to managing cash flow and customer service.  Their "don't ever give up" philosophy was their survival approach.

During the beginning years, the company was based out of Bismarck ND, however in 1993, an office was started in Fargo ND and Janel moved there to head up the Operations Division.  That same year, Marlene passed away.  Her ability to oversee the operations of the office and to work with drivers and customers was a great loss.

As freight grew, it seemed logical to add a brokerage division.  J-Mar Brokerage, Inc. currently has one office in West Fargo ND headed up by Jess Volk and one in Owatonna MN headed up by Al Baumgartner. 

In 1999 an office/shop building was built in West Fargo ND and houses the operations, maintenance and West Fargo Brokerage division.  The corporate and accounting office continues to reside in Bismarck ND. 

In July of 2003, Janel and J H Transportation, Inc. purchased J-Mar Enterprises, Inc. and J-Mar Brokerage, Inc. and the company thrived under Janel's leadership.  
In April 2021, True North Transportation V purchased J H Transportation and subsidiaries and continues the legacy that was started by John & Marlene and flourished under their daughter, Janel. 
In September 2021 John passed away and is missed terribly.  But his & Marlene's humble beginnings along with their philosophy is what makes J-Mar Enterprises the company it is today.  We are here for our customers and employees, and we will continue to bring excellence to our service.

 We believe our success stems from our service and personal touch.  "It's our product""Don't ever give up, no matter what obstacles you encounter.  No one can take away your will to succeed, except yourself.  If you have a great idea, don't take "no" for an answer.  Find someone who can do it."

J-Mar Enterprises has been our primary outbound carrier for over 26 years.  Their on-time percentage is outstanding.  The oversight and coordination provided by their dispatchers is great.  I am very happy with the overall performance of J-Mar and recommend them to anyone looking for a carrier that provides excellent service.

Peter Sharp
Pactiv LLC, Moorhead, MN