• Dispatch: 800-446-8283
  • Bismarck: 701-222-4518
  • West Fargo: 701-277-0039
  • West Fargo Brokerage: 888-281-2641
  • Minnesota Brokerage: 507-413-8020

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J-Mar's Commitment to Family

  • On an average drivers are out 10-14 days.  However, depending on the circumstances it can be less.
  • We are flexible in scheduling your next outbound trip so drivers have time to attend to family responsibilities.
  • Our passenger ride along policy allows for family members or significant others to accompany the driver on trips.
  • Our satellite and ground based communications system ensures your family can contact you in case they need you at home.
  • Direct deposit means your funds will be available in your account on payday to take care of bills and expenses at home.
  • One week of paid vacation after one year, two weeks after two years, and three weeks after seven years allows drivers to spend quality extended time with their family.
  • Christmas is a special holiday for many families and J-Mar is no exception. We ensure that all drivers who want to be home for Christmas, get home. We have bounced drivers over 500 miles to be home in time for the holiday.



Dakota Specialty Milling has been doing business with J-Mar for 27 years -- that fact speaks for itself on our partnership, and on the service and value they continue to provide every day.


 Jeff Koppenhaver, Logistics Director

Dakota Specialty Milling, Fargo ND